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Bennet Kelley Internet Lawyer Cyber Harassment Scam with Wanda J. Rudd, victims speak out

Bennet Kelley Internet Lawyer Victims Speak Out about Cyber Harassment Episode I from Internet Attorney on Vimeo.

Bennet Kelley the days of filing false court documents and police reports are over. Using your wife WANDA J. RUDD as the process server and forging her signatures to the “proof of service” is very low of you. Does Wanda know you are forging her signature? Does Wanda know about the revenge porn models you parade around with throughout California on fake photo shoots?

You should have been more careful showing up in public with your revenge porn models, security cameras and video footage doesn’t lie. The hotel footage is particularly telling. But then we have testimony from the “Armenian Mafia” regarding Wanda’s sexual quirks and they are as odd as yours.

Bennet Kelley of the Internet Law Center is a fraud, he is a known fabricator in the legal circles of California. He wrote no cyber laws, and serves on no political or cyber committee he is a pissant in California. Stop the online abuse now and harassment of family members.

Bennet Kelley Internet Lawyer Restraining Order scam perjury


The one and only internet slob, and his widening girth.  Here is one of his more

famous online nom de guerre – twitter accounts St. Izzy of Seville the patron saint of

the Internet.


What would you do if this psycho came pounding on your door after he accused you of murder?  Then sends his clueless and classless wife to a so-called murderer’s door., sounds like hot shot Internet Attorney is so cheap and broke he is serving the paperwork himself.  Ah the life of a famous Internet Attorney and his stable of revenge porn models.


Victims Victims and more Victims….


Bennet Kelley Internet Attorney (TRO) Restraining Order Scam


If you have been a victim of Bennet Kelley’s TRO scam, please stand up and report to the California Bar Association.  Many Victims are coming forward, Bennet Kelley has now transferred his TRO cases to Los Angeles Court away from Santa Monica Court as he has burned his bridges.   Bennet Kelley will be stopped and will be held accountable for his dangerous actions *abuse of law* *prosecutorial misconduct* *falsifying legal documents* *ex parte communication* *harassment by communication*  *legal malpractice*

From a victim by the name of Khama Anku

Shout out to Bennet Gerard Kelley of Santa Monica, CA – the creepy, crooked “internet lawyer” that lies on police reports, falsely accuses people of crimes, harasses, bullies and abuses people, yet claims he’s against bullying. 😂😂😂😂

Your days of being an unethical, lying, corrupt “lawyer” are coming to an end.

I’m not going to keep silent as you continue to slander me to my family on behalf of 45-year old Scott Pummill, co-franchise owner of Chemstation Paducah, Kentucky.

You thought you were slick telling my family filthy LIES, but the truth is on January 25th, you were at my home, pounding on my door like a lunatic, harassing me with nearly 60 text messages for FOUR HOURS, telling me to leave my home at night to meet you to talk about not to exposing Scott Pummill and his pathological lying, scams on women, mental disorder (Narcisstic Personality Disorder) and overall craziness! 😬 Yet, you claim I harassed you? Really. I told you several times to Leave Me Alone!

The ink wasn’t even dry on the agreement from April 11th and you were off defaming me and continuing your disgusting smear campaign. After you talked trash about me to my family, you requested I sign an addendum not to talk about or to Scott’s family. 🤔 #ThatWasFunny

Bennet Gerard Kelley of “The Internet Law Center”, why are you so obsessed with dragging my name through the mud on behalf of Scott D. Pummill yet expect me to keep quiet about the truth about the two of you?

Enough is enough. You picked the wrong woman to terrorize, lie about and abuse. I’ve done my research and you’ve been using your law degree to abuse people for years.

You have no respect for the law, for yourself or for other people. You are a con man with a law degree. You and Scott breached the agreement within minutes of it being signed.

Which part of “Do not disparage to 3rd parties” don’t you understand?

I signed so you abusive vipers would leave me alone and we could go our separate ways. You expected me to adhere to it, but you thought you could do as you please and tell lies about me to my family. Well, you thought wrong.

I have every right to speak the TRUTH and warn people about the both of you since want to slander me, I will expose you. You have NO proof of me harassing you (because I didn’t) and as far as Scott’s concerned… anyone with a brain could read his 1000’s of texts to me, his emails, and listen to his voicemails and see the truth.

I’m certainly not the first person you’ve a filed false police report against for a few bucks, but I will make sure I’m the last by letting the world know what you do.

Nobody deserves this, you are an “abuser for hire”. Your lie-infested court documents were ridiculous, but telling my family members everything was true…well, you’ve gone too far!

I’ve filed a claim against you Bennet Gerard Kelley. And you can explain to the California Bar Association and the CityAttorney why you were at my home at night (after breaking in – the key coded entry is for invited guests and deliveries not trespassers), pounding on my door and threatening me for hours.

You can also explain why you were at my house 3 days later throwing court documents at my doorstep and texting me “you’ve been served”.

You can explain your lies and abuse of process. The Bar has all of the evidence and the TRUTH. And you can explain why you were lying about me on behalf of Scott David Pummill BEFORE and AFTER the April 11th court date.

You should have just left me alone. But since you didn’t, I will do everything in my power LEGALLY AND ETHICALLY to make sure you leave others alone. No need to lie and say I’m threatening you with violence 😜 – I’m saying you are being EXPOSED for the scam artist you are. You insist on telling lies, well I insist on telling the truth.

Your actions are despicable. I’ve done my research on Scott Pummill, his “Sugar Daddy” Raj Chauhan and on you. I know all about your abusive threesome!

I know Raj Chauhan endorses your attacks on people while parading around as an ethical business man.

The three of you should be ashamed of yourselves. You breached the agreement so I’m sharing the truth. You bozos have gone too far. And Raj, you are messy – you’ve left on-line “breadcrumbs” all over the place, so don’t act like you are not involved. 🤗

For those wondering what this is about: Scott David Pummill initiated a romantic long-distance relationship with me for several months (I had known him for nearly 10 years, as a casual acquaintance. To build my business I used to clean houses on the side, and after I cleaned his house he connected with me via email and social media and kept in contact for years).

It turned out, the entire time he was pursuing me, he had a live-in girlfriend named Maria Markowski, while claiming he was single. He told me he only lived with his elderly father.

When I found out on January 11th thanks to facebook – 🤓 (after Scott sent me a late Christmas Present from his work address, postmarked Paducah January 8th), I realized this was a classic romantic scam to eventually financially fleece me. I never gave him any money, but he was grooming me – pretending like he was trustworthy and kind, asking for details about my business, complaining about his dire financial situation.

Scott is what is known as a malignant, covert narcissist. The type that seem charming, honest and supportive, while lying through his teeth and shoving a knife in your back.

Scott admitted on January 14th that he was diagnosed two years ago with NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) and has been off his meds since March 2015. *Note: There is no medical cure for NPD, but some therapists prescribe meds such as anti-depressants, anti-psychotics and other things.

When I told him he needed to get back on his meds, go back to his psychiatrist so he didn’t continue this behavior, he sent the maniac Bennet Kelley to break into my complex, come to my home and accuse me of being on the verge of murdering Scott! This was the most insane night of my life! I’ve never been falsely accused of murder!

Scott was the one emailing me after I found out he was a con man “The most dangerous creation of mankind is a man with nothing to lose…well, I have nothing to lose.” Scott was telling me he was going to contact my family and business contacts and spread lies about me. I told him “go ahead, that’s slander which is illegal”.

I said if he didn’t get the mental help he claimed he needed, I would expose his scams to protect other women. He was the one threatening violence. 👺

Bennet Kelley came back three days later, again pounding on my door like a demon-possessed animal to throw a TRO (temporary restraining order) at my front door claiming:

1) Scott Pummill barely knew me and I was “harassing” him for months. Lol – He JUST sent me a gift and was actively pursuing me until I discovered he was a con man on Jan 11th.

2) I was “delusional and desperate” to think he initiated any type of relationship – he JUST sent me his Love Language Quiz Results and plans to visit for Valentines Day

3) I was a “crazy person” on the verge traveling state lines to murder people – really?

4) I owned a gun and had ammunition – complete BS

The list goes on…

I have never seen so many disgusting lies in one place in my entire life!

Scott was out-of-his-mind paranoid of his lying and scamming caring women being made public. So he sought Bennet Kelley, his Sugar Daddy Raj Chauhan’s friend to attempt to make my life a living hell.

Who on earth is afraid of being murdered then sends a pathetic “internet lawyer” to the person’s house to bang on their door and send harassing text messages for hours such as, “don’t write about Scott Pummill on-line or you will regret it”.

Bennet Kelley said that I was “mentally disturbed” and he needed protection from me, when he was the one breaking in where I live and harassing me for HOURS. He put in the TRO that I was not to write about him on-line because he was part of the “protected parties” 😜😜😜

Bennet G Kelley has restraining order paper work on his website and for a fee will fill out false police reports and accuse people of making death threats, owning fire arms, being violent, and he’ll even forge signatures, too! All part of his “scam package” that Raj Chauhan of Livermore, CA endorses.

Of course, Bennet won’t mention the truth in these documents because this is the only way he can make a buck as an “internet lawyer” since we live in America and have freedom of speech.

Scott Pummill couldn’t go to the police and say, “Hey, I’m scared this nice woman I scammed is going to let people know about my agenda on-line” so he and Bennet claimed I had guns and was a “dangerous” woman.

Lesson #1 – No weapon formed against you shall proper. Scott and Bennet think because I’m a pretty, African-American, Christian woman I am going to put up with this nonsense. I’m not. They spread lies about me but want me to keep quiet

When this started, I was advised by my counsel to go ahead and settle out of court (which Scott and Bennet requested the moment they realized I hired a lawyer), sign the paperwork that we stay away from each other and don’t talk about each other so I could just move forward and live my great life. Problem was, Scott and Bennet CONTINUED to harass me. Scott thinks if he sends Bennet to my home or has Bennet contact my family even after mediation, it’s okay. Scott –> you can’t a hire dirty rat to lie about me and abuse me on your behalf and claim you are innocent.

Lesson #2 – Right when you are about to go to your next level, the enemy will declare war on you and send you wicked evil spirits to derail, distract and drain you. But guess what…nothing is too hard for the Lord! They knocked me down, but they didn’t knock me out. I got stronger!

The only “crime” I committed was falling for Scott’s scam, believing his lies and being upset when I realized he’s a con artist and being upset when Bennet Kelley came to my front door like a maniac to terrorize me. Who does that?

Lesson #3 – No need to be ashamed of the truth. The truth is Scott sent me several emails and texts, ‘My feelings for you hit me like a freight train.” and “I’ve had feelings for your for a while” and “I care about you” for example, but he said I was “fatal attraction” for MONTHS and he was scared for his life and barely knew me – all AFTER I found out the truth of him being a con man 😜

Yet, he was mailing me gifts, sending me his Love Language Quiz Results, sending me texts about Valentine’s Day, etc. Ending texts, “Sweet Dreams”, up until the day I found out he had stashed 45-year old Maria Markowski in his house the whole time.

He wasn’t scared for his life, he was scared of being EXPOSED.

Scott –> I have every text, email and voicemail. All of the photos you sent me on a daily basis of your dad, your dogs, your truck, your workspace, your dad’s house you’re renovating, your mom’s house, her dog, your gym, the list goes on. You “barely know me” but I have all of this?

I’m exposing the TRUTH because I’m sick and tired of you THREE clowns abusing me. 💩💩💩 Scott, Bennet and yes Raj you too – you can’t sponsor this bs and endorse Bennet and expect me not to mention the fact you give Bennet Kelley “rave reviews”.

But more importantly, I’m exposing the truth because I need to prevent you three from pulling this scam on other good-hearted people.

When you look up Bennet Kelley on-line with the words, “LIAR” and “Lies on police reports” and “Improper service” and “hatchet man” you’ll see this is has been his shtick for years. He’s a one-man show, as no reputable law firm would stand for this insanity.

Lastly, shout out to Maria Markowski and Timothy Dean Swinford for your false “witness” statements. You should be so proud of yourselves. 👍🏽

BTW Tim, Scott told me all about CS, and her calling the cops you when she kicked you out and you went to live with your mommy. 😜 You should focus your time on healing from that situation, instead of lying about me 😉It’s not my fault your failing Chemstation business is on the verge of bankruptcy and you are lying upon lies to keep your head above water.

As for you Maria, I can’t figure you out. Both you and Scott use photos that are 20 years old on FB and claim you live in Ohio and Tennessee respectively. Yet you both barely look like those photos and both live in Paducah, Kentucky. I can’t figure out if you are part of this sick game or not, but from the lies you wrote about me, I’m guessing you were in on it from day one. You and Scott need a new plan, I’m exposing this one 🙏🏾

–> Scott Pummill, Bennet Gerard Kelley, Timothy Dean Swinford, Maria Markowski, Raj Chauhan – Stop lying about me to my family and others. Enough is ENOUGH. You are all scared of me telling the truth, but think you can continue to LIE about me? Spend your time helping others and leave me alone. Thanks 🙂

The agreement was null and void as soon as Scott and Bennet defamed me to my family, breaching the agreement🤓

#BennetKelley #CrookedLawyer #ScottPummill #NPD #Chemstation



Supreme Court Rules First Time on Social Media Threats as “protected” Speech

Washington (CNN)The Supreme Court ruled Monday in favor of a Pennsylvania man who posted several violent messages on Facebook and was convicted under a federal threat statute — the first time the Court raised the implications of free speech on social media.

The Court said that it wasn’t enough to convict the man based solely on the idea that a reasonable person would regard his communications as a threat.

“Our holding makes clear that negligence is not sufficient to support a conviction,” wrote Chief Justice John Roberts.

Chief Justice reads Eminem lyrics

Chief Justice reads Eminem lyrics

The Court held that the legal standard used to convict him was too low, but left open what the standard should be. It is a narrow ruling and the Court did not address the larger constitutional issue.

The case concerns a Pennsylvania man, Anthony D. Elonis, who posted several violent messages on his social media account after his wife left him. He claimed he was an artist who turned to rap lyrics for therapeutic purposes to help him cope with depression.

“There¹s one way to love you but a thousand ways to kill you,” he wrote in one post.

“Enough elementary schools in a ten mile radius to initiate the most heinous school shooting ever imagined,” he wrote in another.

 He was convicted for violating a federal threat statute.

Elonis appealed his conviction to the Supreme Court arguing that the government should have been required to prove he actually intended to make a threat before sending him to jail for a 44 month term. Instead, the jury was told the standard was whether a “reasonable person” would have understood the words to be a threat.

John P. Elwood, Elonis’ lawyer stressed in court briefs that his client often posted disclaimers noting he was only exercising his freedom of speech. “The First Amendment¹s basic command is that the government may not prohibit the expression of an idea simply because society finds it offensive or disagreeable,” Elwood wrote. At trial , Elonis testified that his Facebook posts were partly inspired by rap star Eminem.

In court briefs Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli, Jr defended the conviction.”He was aware of the meaning and context of his Facebook posts, and those posts communicated a serious expression of an intent to do harm, “Verrilli wrote.Verilli said there was no comparison between Elonis’ threats and the protected speech of commercial rap artists made in a “very different” context. But the ACLU filed a brief in support of Elonis argued that context matters. “Words are slippery things,” wrote Stephen Shapiro. He said that a statute that limits speech “without regard to the speaker¹s intended meaning” runs the risk of punishing protected First Amendment expression simply because it is “crudely or zealously expressed.”

Vanessa Kachadurian when is it Prosecutorial Misconduct or Legal Bullying?

In short prosecutorial misconduct is done when there is no case think of it as Legal Bullying– like what Bennet Kelley performs and one of the City Attorney’s in Santa Monica (out on a mental health issue)–> David Armstrong.  The City of Santa Monica City Manager has been made aware of the expenditures spent for a fishing expedition on an innocent 59 year old woman who has never had issues before. Side note here: Bennet Kelley applied to be on the City Planning of Santa Monica in 2012 but the City Manager was made aware of some of Bennet Kelley’s unethical and illegal activities like cyber squatting on attorney Dan Baslam’s web site. (he lost to Dan in the court room and is a sore loser) Bennet Kelley’s application for city planning commission was shelved. I have it on good authority that Bennet Kelley will never hold office in California.  It must have something to do with referring to Armenians as “Mafia” (compliments of Armenian Bar Association)

Bennet Kelley (a very sad gentleman) and in my opinion suffering from noticeable mental issues like paranoia, egomanic depression (last time he appeared in court he was physically falling apart) and lack of stardom that he so craves. He admitted to the judge he has put a lot of lies online about me and she admonished him with a warning “Mr. Kelley do not provoke” – Kelly tried to exercise the right to a speedy trial but the City of Santa Monica isn’t interested in this case like Bennet Kelley is. In fact they lost the file about 4 times.

Bennet Kelley is one of the 60 people over at Webmaster Radio that pay for an online radio show.  The owner of the webmaster radio Darrin Rabin is fully aware of Bennet Kelley’s fabrication and has removed my name from Bennet’s free radio show.  Here is a photo we found of poor Bennet Kelley (the REAL Bennet Kelley) online.  Evidently he has some people very angry with him over his stretching the truth in his court cases.  But I hear it’s quiet over at the Internet Law Center, it’s not a large office like Bennet Kelley wants you to believe it’s only him sad little Bennet Kelley.

1)  Bennet Kelley lost the case against me, but received over $200,000 in legal fees from his baby snatching client Robin Sizemore of Hopscotch Adoptions.  (the failing adoption industry numbers speak for themselves)

2)  Bennet Kelley harassed my family members with paperwork and printed untrue things online about me, building a case where there wasn’t one.  After 3 years and my iinsurance company from 2008 representing me (no I didn’t pay 1 dime- in fact my expenses out of town were paid for)

Bennet Kelley has threatened me to Timothy Walton one of the longest practicing Internet Attorneys in the USA that “I will make sure that Vanessa Kachadurian is prosecuted and found guilty of anything”   Yes I have Timothy Walton as a witness to these threats.

3)  After the 3rd year and a very telling mediation report Robin Sizemore didn’t want to go to trial in Fresno County and have the truth about her on public record.  They asked to settle out of court WITHOUT A JUDGMENT or anything they had asked for in their 4 time amended causes of action complaint that had no merits.   This was more about silencing me via legal bullying and my friends about us speaking up about child trafficking and trying to cost me financial harm (epic failed).  It would have cost my insurance company $150,000 in legal fees to represent me in a jury trial so they were happy to get this vexatious litigation settled for a fraction of the cost.

I can still maintain my freedom of speech and state that “Robin Sizemore is a scumbag who has purchased children from poor mothers in Armenia for her clients”.  Those days are over now she has barely 9 adoptions a year out of Armenia and barely 2 are healthy infants the majority are limbs missing and down syndrome that they like to push off on Americans.

Robin made a wise choice to stop the 3 yr. law suit in mediation, Adoption Agencies are not very popular and in the USA – Armenians have a strong presence and the people there respect Armenians because we built the town, Robin would not have gotten a fair trial in Fresno. Robin lied to Bennet about a lot of things, she has no fan base in Armenia or the West Coast.  Yes a few families on the east coast she purchased babies for. She is a very sneaky compulsive liar who enjoys controlling families lives and appearing like she is a savior.

4)  Bennet Kelley proceeds to lie (once again- “Liar” is his middle name) that I or someone else tried to kill him or threatened to kill him.  This has never been substantiated and the City Attorney’s office admitted they don’t have any proof or information on this.   Bennet Kelley couldn’t get a judgment on me (not even a summary judgment) he proceeded to try and harm my reputation, and file fake reports.  90% have been thrown out, There has yet to be any charges by the City of Santa Monica, my guess is they grow tired of Bennet Kelley’s online rants and promoting of this case  as a way for him to make case law in California (will never happen)  He has also aligned himself with some unsavory people like members of an Islamic cult that operate charter schools who recently had 20 of their schools raided by the FBI and a nutty woman that harms everyone on the Internet by the name of Terrorist Barbie (seriously that is her name- but many people think it’s Bennet Kelley)

5)  I have no probation or anything else on me, they all have been thrown of court for many reasons but mostly because of prosecutorial misconduct on the part of Santa Monica’s troubled City Attorney’s office.  They have lost the file a couple times and have been abusing city funds to scan hard drives to the tune of $40,000 (poor taxpayers of Santa Monica) Yes on Bennet’s first accusation where I never responded to a police report from Bennet (taking care of elderly parents) so a bench warrant is automatically issued and that is why the SFPD (great guys) took me in and then threw the case over to Santa Monica.  I never spent the night in jail, I have way too many friends in California and a good record.  And no bail Bennet, so you have not cost me money except for the puny $1,000 for making the mediation record public after you lied with your fake PR campaign. A Small price to pay to not be silenced by Legal Bullies like you.

I didn’t have time for a trial in Santa Monica taking care of my parents so I opted for a deal where I was found NOT GUILTY but a protective order would be in place for Bennet (there is a question of how Bennet got a protective order when he never proved I tried to kill him)  Part of that was I was to not have any issues in 18 months, and unfortunately I had a very bad incident happened at the California Armenian Home (my father built this Nursing facility) although it’s not Armenian anymore my mother’s care was very poor (all documented at the State of California) ., and one of the tattoo infested LVN’s saw Bennet Kelley’s fake rap sheet (or shit) online about me and called the police that I was threatening her.  The policeman was “Armenian” (Officer Greg Jouryan) and said he saw the protective order and it was a black mark that Bennet Kelley placing on me.   I thought he was kidding when he said Vanessa you have to come with me, I laughed and walked in my mother’s room where he knocked me to the ground in front of my parents in my mother’s room.

Yes I took them to court and I still had visitation with my mother but I had to call ahead of time.  The District Attorney (also Armenian) Armen Israelyan threw the case out. He knows the reputation of the hospital and I had no priors. Foot note here: the Armenian Community of Fresno doesn’t donate much to this nursing home. We have many small group homes that we use that are more suitable. Frankly, this doesn’t concern you it’s the business of MY community that will decide the fate of the Nursing home should it sell, close or if they end up filing bankruptcy.

6)  Conclusion, Bennet Kelley is a sore loser and Legal Bully who cannot bare the thought of a pro se client getting the best of him and not costing financial or emotional harm. In fact, this has been entertaining watching Bennet Kelley slip further into a bad reputation which he has brought on himself for lying.  He has written countless articles about me online and is asking for potential clients to contact him.  Not sure why he is trying to capitalize on this case but the City Attorney’s office has all of this. The Recipe for success is simple the more Bennet lies the more I tell the truth.

Bennet Kelley is trying to steer this entire case as he usually does with his comical writing skills (oh yes he wants to be a writer and politician) Just more of Bennet Kelley’s wild claims. This is a personal matter and not of Public Interest to be burning public funds against someone who is a California Resident and native.  There is not blemishes on my record except for what Bennet Kelley has tried to imply online.  Lastly I don’t have any mental disorders except I do get very angry when something is unfair.  But the Truth and Good will prevail, and Bennet Kelley will just continue to lie and Bully people.  It’s not like anyone trusts Attorneys or Police anymore and they are notorious for misconduct.  We don’t have to talk about the reputation of Adoption Agencies they are all closing, Robin is not welcome in Armenia because of her games. Edhuard Amalyan hasn’t paid taxes on the cash that Robin wires him, that is going to be a problem for him.

It’s very sad that since 2009 Bennet Kelley is pursuing me, he just cannot accept defeat and wrote a comical press release after the meditation that he won a “significant victory” for his child stealing client, but never tells the entire truth how much Robin Sizemore paid him in legal fees (it’s online-$209,000)  Bennet if you are reading it’s been 6 years you really should move on and stop mentioning me all over the place no one listens to you.  This abnormal tweeting you do is very sad, you have tried to follow me on twitter you have some issues and I hope you can take care of them.  Read the article below about a famous attorney that is doing good, you will never be on this level of fame you simply are not in this league.  I pray that you get help soon.  I sympathize with your mental issues and the leukemia.  You actually should thank me I delayed the case enough so you could bill Robin $209,000.00 – But lying and saying you won a case is just a lie Remember what Judge Michael Seng told you “Mr. Kelley this case is closed”  

Bennet Kelley trying to follow my twitter account

I had to block him, I don’t know how many accounts he has

but I am told it’s a lot.

If Bennet Kelley the Internet Attorney, has harmed you or “legal bullied” you please don’t hesitate to

contact the California Bar Association.  They are going through a shake up and will be taking complaints

 more serious.  If you are a Defendant in a case where he decides to go after you, know your rights and

 go to your local police department.  The one thing about “Legal Bullies” they are cowards and when someone stands

 up to them they cannot  believe they don’t control the situation.  Bennet thought he could scare me, he was wrong I am not afraid of him.  

In jurisprudence, prosecutorial misconduct is “an illegal act or failing to act, on the part of a prosecutor, especially an attempt to sway the jury to wrongly convict a defendant or to impose a harsher than appropriate punishment.”[1] It is similar to selective prosecution.

Types of misconduct[edit]

Abuses of discretion[edit]

Prosecutors are given discretion about how they conduct their business. However, while some practices are not illegal, they may be seen as abusive and in need of reform, particularly by defendants and criminal defense attorneys:

  • Selective prosecution by race, income, political affiliation, etc.
  • Capture of the grand jury, misusing it as a tool for inquisitorial abuse, or excluding citizen complaints from being heard.
  • Plea bargaining abuses, such as seeking testimony in exchange for leniency. This may solicit perjury or falsified evidence.
  • “Horsetrading”, the practice of colluding with defense attorneys to agree to get some of their clients to plead guilty in exchange for letting others off.
  • Threatening public officials, especially judges, with prosecution if they don’t unduly support their cases.
  • Tainting of jury pools with public statements by prosecutors that are either inaccurate, exaggerated, unsupported by evidence or that could be inadmissible at trial, and such statements become widely promulgated by the media.
  • Prosecutors causing depositions in a related civil trial which were likely to yield exculpatory evidence, and then “staying” those statements so they cannot be used in a criminal trial.
  • Prosecutors naming a host of “unindicted co-conspirators” in conspiracy cases to intimidate potential defense witnesses with threats of retaliatory prosecution.
  • Prosecutors using their Peremptory Challenges to remove from the jury anyone with relevant experience in the complex subjects of a trial. Defense attorneys often use similar tactics. Both attempt to prevent a juror’s technical knowledge from interfering with the credibility of their expert witnesses.
  • Prosecutors pursuing criminal penalties for selected industry practices in Corporate America when regulatory intervention would be more appropriate. For example, prosecuting a mechanic for minor violations of the Clean Water Act rather than affording the opportunity for the mechanic to correct his error and pay the appropriate fines.
  • Prosecutors using multidefendant trials to get defendants to turn on one another in the courtroom, as judges may be reluctant to allow separate trials in multi-defendant cases.

Examples and remedies[edit]

In late 1993, the 6th US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that John Demjanjuk had been a victim of prosecutorial misconduct during a 1986 trial in which federal prosecutors withheld evidence. Demjanjuk’s sentence was overturned, but he lost when his case was retried.

In the 1995 murder trial of O. J. Simpson, the defense argued that Los Angeles Police Department detective Mark Fuhrman had planted evidence at the crime scene. Although Fuhrman denied the allegations, Simpson was found not guilty, although he was later held liable for the deaths in a civil suit filed by the families of the victims. In USA Today (August 24, 1995), Francis Fukuyama stated, “[Such defenses lead to] a distrust of government and the belief that public authorities are in a vast conspiracy to violate the rights of individuals.” However, such misconduct may actually be widespread in the United States. “It’s a result-oriented process today, fairness be damned,” Robert Merkle, former U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Florida, said.[2] Prosecutors are protected from civil liability even when they knowingly and maliciously break the law in order to secure convictions***(untrue….see fraud upon the court), and the doctrine of harmless error is used by appellate courts to uphold convictions despite such illegal tactics, thus giving prosecutors few incentives to comply with the law.[3]

A more recent example of prosecutorial misconduct can be seen in the 2006 Duke lacrosse case. In that incident, members of the Duke University men’s lacrosse team hired a female stripper for a team party. She went on to accuse three players of raping her at that party. Making the case even more volatile was the fact that the stripper was black and the three accused players were white. The actions of the prosecutor in this case, Mike Nifong, drew enormous criticism, as he proceeded with the case despite numerous inconsistencies in the accuser’s story, a lack of DNA evidence conclusively linking any player to any sexual assault, and at least two of the accused having solid alibis. He also made numerous inflammatory statements to the media. The case against the players eventually collapsed; all charges were dropped, and the North Carolina Attorney General took the unusual step of declaring the players innocent. The North Carolina State Bar eventually disbarred Nifong for his actions during this case.

In 2011 Michael Morton was released from prison after serving nearly 25 years for the murder of his wife in 1987. He was released after DNA evidence pointed to another man as the killer.[4] The prosecutor, Ken Anderson later plead guilty to withholding evidence that could have helped Morton fight the murder charge. He was sentenced to spend 10 days in jail and was also disbarred.[5]

Despite such, the defense has been successful roughly 1 out of 6 times it has been used from 1970 to 2003. During that period, judges have cited misconduct by prosecutors as a reason to dismiss charges, reverse convictions, or reduce sentences in 2,012 cases, according to a study by the Center for Public Integrity released in 2003; the researchers looked at 11,452 cases in which misconduct was alleged.[6]

A debate persists over the meaning of the term. Prosecutors have asked judges to stop using the term to refer to an unintentional error, and to restrict its use to describe a breach of professional ethics. E. Norman Veasey, the chief justice of Delaware Supreme Court, answered one such request in 2003 by noting the term’s extensive use in rulings over the past 60 years. “We believe it would be confusing to change the terminology in view of this history,” he wrote in reply.

Bennet Kelley Internet Law Center, Fraud Protocol, RipOff Report and online Cyber Harassment

Here is Bennet Kelley harassing me again following my Twitter account, he really is possessed and obsessed with me. This was turned over to the Santa Monica Police Department. Bennet Kelley has been BLOCKED, although he has over 4 twitter accounts (that we know of) he posts literally about nothing to do with Cyber Law: sports, movies, etc., just to keep his ugly face and voice out there. Too bad no one listens to him or his crappy free radio show

following me on Twitter, turned into the Santa Monica police then blocked

following me on Twitter, turned into the Santa Monica police then blocked

Here Bennet Kelley with one of his numerous bizarre posts off topic on movies, sports anything to keep his ugly face out there.

Bennet Kelley tweets about nothing.

Bennet Kelley tweets about nothing.

Bennet Kelley Cyber Harassment is costing him paying jobs.

Bennet Kelley has been harassing me for over 5 years, it started with him stealing the federal court seal (a favorite past time of Bennet Kelley’s is stealing official seals to appear he has credibility)  Bennet created a website about me and started harassing members of my family by having process servers illegal serve paperwork where I don’t reside.  Additionally, he started to join online facebook sites that I was member of that normally wouldn’t wouldn’t interest Bennet Kelley.  Sites like “Armenian Valley TV” (Yes Bennet we did a huge documentary on human trafficking in Armenia) and Central Valley Events.  This resulted in Bennet Kelley being admonished by the judge (although he continues to steal official seals) losing a position on the City Planning of Santa Monica, CA that the City Manager after reviewing Bennet Kelley’s un Orthodox unprofessional and unethical behavior, not to mention he isn’t from California.  Bennet Kelley is too controversial and disliked, he tried unsuccessfully to get into my head but instead I guess I am in his head because he dreams about me all the time.


Bennet Kelley when admonished for this blog claimed he only stole the federal court seal to use it as a “mosaic” WTF?


Bennet Kelley has a gadzillon Facebook pages, e mails, online personas, and twitter pages, Here on a copy of one of his timelines you can see where Bennet not only “likes” his own pages, but likes Valley Armenian TV and Central Valley Vine.


Bennet Kelley has over exposed himself as the jack of all things internet, overexposing himself with his online marketing and advertising.  Bennet Kelley makes a lot of claims that he was responsible for this or that but if you look at most of his written material it is copied, or stolen from others.  Most of his online free writing stints are about the same thing, Bennet Kelley’s opinion about politicians or people in the news.  Always about people that Bennet wished he could be but never will be.  Bennet dreams of being a visionary like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates but it will never happen, especially with all the controversy at Value Click, E Babylon, Rexxfield, and more.  I found out about his reputation from other Internet Attorneys and others considering hiring Bennet Kelley for start ups.  Bennet Claims to know about Copyrights, Cyber Law, and online Marketing.  Jack of all trades and master of nothing.  Bennet Kelley doesn’t own a huge law firm it’s a one man operation with 2 staff members he uses on a “as needed basis” he rents space in a HUGE office.  Bennet Kelley doesn’t even own a home, but rents a crappy apartment.  Was driving a beat up older Mercedes that his mechanic said is a piece of garbage.



Bennet Kelley what is Cyberlaw primer for California policymakers?  Is that like “I used it as a Mosaic” LMAO.


Yet his other blog about me, states “contact me if you have had problems with Vanessa Kachadurian”  if any of you believe you have been ripped off by Bennet Kelley, by some fantasy wish about “SILCON BEACH” please contact the District Attorney for Los Angeles County wants to know about Bennet Kelley’s Fraud Protocol.   Lets put Bennet out of business in California and send him packing back to Rhode Island.

Bennet Kelley Fraud Protocol – Complaint Board



Bennet Kelley has evidently pissed off the wrong person, this one posted Bennet’s screw ups while working at Value Click, and these poor start ups that never materialized because Bennet got his hands on them and screwed them up.  There is no Silcon Beach and never will be, poor Bennet Kelley he is a sore loser and has to resort to cyber harassment online like a common troll.  Bennet Kelley claims to be against the very thing that he has done for over 10 years. Bennet Kelley these were not posted by who you think but it pleases me that you have a ton of enemies in the legal field and out. You reap what you sow, when you represent human traffickers you get what you deserve. Bennet Kelley is guilty of over exposing himself, there is a ton of successful Internet Attorneys. Poor Bennet 

Why is Bennet Kelley always on RipOff Report, Complaint Board, or Pissed off Consumers? READ Here

American Cyber Report

  • Bennet Kelley fleeced over $109,000 in legal fees from his human trafficker client in 2011, in 2010 the amount was over $99,000. It amounts to approximately $209,000+ in Total legal fees that Mr. Kelley fleeced out of the human trafficker client over the course of 2.6 years where he harassed the defendant, stole her photo and federal court seal, and many other unethical unprofessional methods Bennet Kelley pulls from up his sleeve. 
  • The 990 Tax returns for Hopscotch Adoptions are online and available at American Cyber Report. As well as the very telling Mediation Report that led to his client withdrawing her claim and cutting and running with a mere $80,000 from the insurance carrier. If my math serves me correctly $80,000 is a far car short of 6 figures.
  • Furthermore, the case never made it to summary judgment, no removal of remarks no anything. Ladies and Gentlement (trolls…

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