Hopscotch Adoptions and their association with Gulen Turkish organization


Above is a screen shot of Hopscotch Adoptions and her “friends” which is The Goosehunter aka a Gulen follower of the controversial Gulen Movement.  This is a group based out of Turkey which followers an Imam Fethullah Muhammed Gulen.  The Gulen Movement operates over 100 charter schools in the USA and is under investigation by the Federal Government. 

The “Goosehunter” aka IT Guy from a Gulen managed charger school, was fed incorrect information about Vanessa Kachadurian and subsequently started posting defaming remarks about Vanessa Kachadurian who is only 1 of many people in the USA that is concerned about this group.  There are many people who are concerned about the Gulen Movement including my Turkish American friends.

Why would Robin Sizemore who professes to be a friend of the Armenians by helping to adopt out their children, align herself with a dangerous group like the Gulen Movement?  It appears that Robin, Hopscotch Adoptions and their shadowy “Internet Attorney” hate Vanessa Kachadurian so much they are willing to manipulate a hate group like the Gulen Movement to write disparaging comments about Vanessa.

Lastly, this is a sign that Robin Sizemore and her Attorney know no limits to their ethics and credibility.  For Robin to cajole with the enemy of the Armenians, Kurds and other groups is not saying much for Robin’s sincerity and truthfulness.

Lets make Bennet Kelley famous so he can milk his client for more money


Hopscotch Adoptions paid $99,087 for legal fees

This is Hopscotch Adoptions 2010, 990 IRS Tax Returns. Please note this is page 10, and line 11b states “legal fees” which are listed at $99,087.00 for 2010. Let us remind you that Ms. Sizemore filed her Complaint in December 2009, and it ended in October 2011. So the estimation from a legal expert analyst friend is that Robin Sizemore paid over $150K in legal fees.
This is very suspect that an Adoption Agency who claims in court documents to have had a loss could afford over $100K for the fees of the bogus “Internet Attorney” who is nothing more than a fantasy writer and would be a.m. radio show jock (all services he provides for free just to keep his face front and center)

The other odd thing is the “fraud upon the court” – Hopscotch Adoption’s accountant Rhonda Russell signed documents and pie charts created by Low Life Lying Liberal Lawyer Bennet Kelley attesting to the shrinkage in Hopscotch Adoptions Revenue. When in fact the tax returns for 2007-2010 show a total of $1.3+ million in revenue and that Ms. Sizemore not only grew her business year after year, but blew the doors off of her competition.

This can be verified for free at http://www.guidestar.com and only requires a short registration. Conversely, Mr. Kelley withheld the names of the “so-called” Hopscotch Clients that aborted their contract because of information that Vanessa Kachadurian was to have misrepresented about Hopscotch Adoptions and Armenian Adoptions in particular.
When the names were revealed, a third party interviewed the families to only find this was untrue and the “would-be” clients ceased their contracts because of:
a. Communication business practices from Hopscotch Adoptions
b. Lack of personal or emotional committment to Armenia and waiting the long and uncertain timeframes which seemed to change.
c. 1 party didn’t even have a contract signed with Hopscotch Adoptions and therefore was not 100% committed to Hopscotch or Adoption
d. All the parties stated they never heard of Vanessa Kachadurian nor had they read anything slanderous, negative etc., about Hopscotch Adoptions

Mr. Bennet Kelley should have fact checked his client’s assertations better. Instead of counting all of that money he made in legal fees/ billable hours for over 20 months.
Mr. Kelley was more interested in fantasy writing and trying to be a “celebrity” at the expense of his Client and the Defendant. In the end, Robin and Her Attorney cut and run after getting a mere $85K from Vanessa Kachadurian’s insurance company. No liability implied to Ms. Kachadurian, no judgment, no gag order, no apology and nothing removed from the Internet. Freedom of Speech and Truth remains.
Vanessa Kachadurian legal fees $00.00                  Hopscotch Adoptions  legal fees $99,087 for 2010  estimated total tab $150,000
The fact is Bennet Kelley couldn’t win this case so he has resorted to character attacks on Vanessa Kachadurian to learn more go to American Cyber Report.



Robin Sizemore American Cyber Report

One of the many articles written about Robin Sizemore, Hopscotch Adoptions and Armenian Adoption corruption.  So why did Robin Sizemore use a hired gun Bennet Kelley to silence her critics?  Many people think that the flimsy complaint that Robin Sizemore filed against Vanessa Kachadurian was her way of putting a message out to her critics.   Other arcticles can be found on credible news sources like: Ethica, PEAR, Radio Free Europe and Brandeis University on Armenian Adoption Regularities.  No wonder Robin Sizemore cut and ran before her court date and before summary judgment.  


Excerpts of this article from Radio Free Europe:

Shadowy Middlemen

It will decide in the coming months whether it will be necessary to amend Armenia’s Family Code, which would require parliamentary approval, or to simply change existing procedures, which could be enacted by the government without legislative action.

Under the existing rules, the Armenian Ministry of Labor and Social Issues draws up and keeps a national registry of children available for domestic and foreign adoption.

The list is supposed to be accessible to all prospective adoptive parents. But in practice, even government agencies say they have trouble accessing

Specifically, the report cited a sample contract signed by one U.S. agency, Hopscotch Adoptions, based in High Point, North Carolina, which assists Americans wishing to adopt Armenian and Georgian children.

The contract, offered to a potential client in the United States in 2007, explained that almost $5,000 of more than $30,000 charged by Hopscotch for every adoption would be spent on “gifts to foreign service providers and government functionaries performing ministerial tasks as an offer of thanks for prompt service.”

It claimed that such gifts are common in Armenia and Georgia and do not violate U.S. law.

American Cyber Report on Bennet Kelley and the Gulen Goosenetwork


Here is a screen shot of Bennet Kelley’s twit to the Goosenetwork aka the Gulen Movement Cult that has been exposed by many Americans. This group is gladly helping Bennet to harm Armenians, concerned Americans, Teachers, etc., Basically they attack anyone who exposes their cult activities in the USA and abroad/Turkey. Bennet Kelley is sadly mistaken if he thinks he can harm private citizens by using a cult terrorist organization that is currently under investigation by the FBI with 5 Federal Investigations. Keep up the good work Bennet, trying to get others to fight your battles. I am sure Armenians will love you and Robin more with the way you cajole and manipulate a Turkish Group to perform your dirty tricks.  Maybe Bennet is part of the Gulen Movement’s tools of the trade? 



American Cyber Report reflects on win against Bennet the Prick of Providence

Listen to the Bull Shit of the Prick of Providence

(We took the photo of this dreadful book down as Mr. Kelley claimed it was a photo of his late uncle)  While we are not afraid of Mr. Kelley’s intimidation tactics we don’t want to stoop to his level.  Mr. Bennet Kelley made remarks about “Armenian Mafia” and harassed members of my family to a point where we had to file a police report.  We have plenty we could file against Mr. Kelley but we will take the high road.  Besides why would I want to spend a dime on him?  and get no where in the court systems like he did?Once again, Mr. Bennet Gerard Kelley believes he and ONLY he has the right to speak about others or put his silly labels on others.  Well it’s election year folks, Bennet will be plenty busy bashing the RepublicansWins:

*Notice of Default – Set Aside
*15 months of representing as Pro Se and presenting over 5 motions
*Including your ‘fraud upon the court’ and improper service at another dwelling other than my own.
*Spending $0.00 on this joke of a case, getting insurance company to squash your case with a no liability agreement.
*Managing to expose Bennet for what he is:
 *A lying celebrity seeking Attorney, who harassed my family when he couldn’t get his way.
*This resulted in  California Bar Complaint (s)
*And a Police Report for harassment against Bennet which is currently on file.
*Stopped Kelley from video taping a joke of a deposition.

*Got Robin to admit that she doesn’t speak Armenian and has no clout in Armenia.  Merely markets heavily and pushes paperwork through facilitator Eduard Amalyan.

*Got Robin to admit she never lost a dime, but actually made money.  Robin and Bennet previously lied to the court by having Rhonda Russell, Hopscotch Adoptions Accountant sign some FAKE paperwork that Bennet contrived showing that Robin had lost money when in fact her business grew to just over $1.3 million in 4 years. (wow Bennet was surprised and wanted some of that money

*Got Robin to walk away with no judgment, no award, no admission of guilt and no removal of ‘so-called defamation on the Internet’
*Robin is now spending her time paying Bennet Kelley to clean up her image.
Too bad Bennet cannot clean up the truth about Robin.

*P.S. Got Bennet’s Bullshit charges dismissed as a ‘volunteer dismissal’ with a not-guilty plea..
*No charges in Los Angeles or San Francisco, only egg on the face for Bennet for being such a story teller.
*No gag order. I can say, Robin Sizemore is a liar and baby seller who is making lots of money off of non-   Hague adoption countries like: Ghana, Morocco (where parents shamelessly convert to Islam) and re hashing the Bulgarian program which closed a few years back due to fraud.

All of this without the expensive law degree that Bennet Kelley has. 

Yep, I would say I did dam good and this is what frustrates Bennet so much, poor Robin has no Armenian friends in the government of Armenia. 

Proved that Bennet  is small potatoes (Irish potatoe head) and always will be.  

Robin got no further and had to pay $100K, waste 20 months of her life only to not have a judgment, removal of so-called postings or an apology.   Robin attacked me and my family first, and is not the sweet child savior that she and Bennet would like you to believe. 

Bennet has talked to many Armenians in Los Angeles and he knows the fraud that is involved with Armenian Adoptions.  Too bad Robin doesn’t have many west coast clients that are connected to their fatherland and culture. 

*Successfully got Bennet Kelley to reveal the names of these “so-called” prospective parents that stopped their contract with Hopscotch Adoptions.  Revealed to everyone that these prospective clients that ceased their contract did so for other reasons beside Vanessa Kachadurian but more so for poor business practices of Hopscotch Adoptions.

Won a victory for Armenians that Freedom of Speech and our civil liberties will not be squashed by a self-proclaimed “Internet Attorney” that thinks he knows everything about everyone but knows nothing except his client’s money.  I also proved that average citizens cannot be bullied, manipulated, threatened by a 2 bit Irish Potatoe Head Attorney. 

Don’t ever let an Attorney intimidate you, they are nothing but liars who twist the laws to suit their clients.  They have no allegiance or loyalty to anyone accept themselves and their non-existent celebrity status.


Vanessa Kachadurian, Where does Bennet Kelley find these Looney Clients?

Seems Bennet Kelley’s clients border on personality disorder, psychotic behavior and multiple personalities.   This one had more money than sense too!

Michelle Walsh and her attorney Bennet G. Kelley (who was specifically hired to address cyber-harassments against her) never tried to contact Moreno either. If Moreno was truly “cyberstalking”, “harassing” and “threatening” Michelle Walsh, why didn’t she get her lawyer involved and why didn’t she specifically name Moreno in her cyber-stalking complaints with the police?

For more about this bizarre case please read here (if you can figure it out)


Bennet Kelley police report, Gosh it must suck to be a loser!!!

Here is the truth folks!!!!

We had to file a police report 1 year before Bennet Kelley created a drama about me to the police because he was losing his pitiful case. Bennet Kelley is posting an “event” on me. Please note that this was all dropped and the San Francisco Police apologized and congratulated me for defending myself against a slimey Attorney.

 Secondly, Mr. Kelley is also posting what he is calling a “restraining order” but this is actually a “protective order” which protects me as much as it does any opportunity for Kelley to file more false claims.

 Mr. Kelley your case was lost (once again) the DA filed a volunteer dismissal because of my great reputation and friendships I have. Incidently, part of your file was missing (I wonder how that happened?)

 You still lose no matter what, you can post all of the fake drama you create but it’s all over. The truth about you and your sleeze client is even more apparent, hiring a 2 bit lawyer that will lie, cheat and steal to try and make a case where there isn’t one has backfired.

 Abuse of power and your law degree is a serious serious issue. The truth will be known by everyone. So you better siphone more money from your baby selling client, poor guy just cannot get a judgment so you have to creat drama to try and hurt me, defame me and humiliate me. Too bad it doesn’t work.

No judgment, no apology, and above all none of these things that were apparently written about your dellusional client were removed. Could it be because they were truthful. You will never be forgiven for harassing my family and having the process server make an improper service on my 81 year old parents. You had the process server go to their home on January 6, 2010 on Armenian Christmas and put the summons into the hands of a woman with dementia.

 Nice going! You are not winning any cases or popularity contests. Mr. Kelley is misleading about his case against me, ask where the judgment is. Ask why he abandoned and withdrew the case BEFORE the scheduled trial, BEFORE a summary judgment was even issued. WHY? because Bennet knows he is a lousy attorney and would have lost in Fresno, California where we would have embarassed him further.

Vanessa Kachadurian, Bennet Kelley wants to be a celebrity?

Mr. Kelley has hired an agent by the name of Jacquie Jordan and once again is citing a “significant victory” against a “serial cyber defamer” as his badge of honor to validate some sort of sick dellusion of fame.
Bennet Kelley you ain’t no Mark Geragos or Robert Shapiro. I have met both of these gentlemen and they are sharp as a tack never having to resort to school ground antics and name calling.
They have not cyber squatted or claimed a victory when there was none. Bennet Kelley, you have no judgment, this case didn’t make it to summary judgment. Stop trying to be famous at the expense of Vanessa Kachadurian and your baby selling client.
I always knew he wanted to be a celebrity but folks it is official, he has a couple of agents. Who by the way have been enlighted about the truth surrounding this case and his terrible actions.
Shame on you Bennet, your dear Uncle that you were named after – the late great Reverend Bennet Kelley would be ashamed of your Bennet Kelley Lies.
Why you are at it, can you share the specifics about why you were ordered to take down http://www.bushlies.net? or the specifics of the legislation you are introducing to stop cyber harassment? liar liar pants on fire.

Read more about our wild child of the Internet, Bennet Jack Ass Kelley


Somehow I think Kelley is enjoying all of this attention he is getting.  This is what happens when you are the youngest child in a litter of 7 kids.   Trying to become a celebrity of some sort – based on your own promotion is quite comical.  Alas, we remain open to freedom of speech, Kelley is free to make himself look like a fool at the expense of his Client.

Bennet Kelley promoting himself on the Bryan Whatley paranormal radio show

Bennet Kelley in his Donkey suit, "the fighting Dem" aka "The fighting Donkey"


 Bennet Kelley the self-promoting “Internet Attorney” on the paranormal Bryan Whatley radio show.

Copy of e mail to Mr. Whatley on the “real” Bennet Kelley.  Half Donkey, Half Liar, 1 part Comedian.    

Mr. Whatley;

I am shocked that you would bring on Bennet Kelley to your show and allow him to promote himself as some sort of “Internet Attorney”  

As you can see from my attached photo I am very good friends with the #1 criminal attorney in the USA Mr. Mark Geragos.  I also know Mr. Timothy Walton an Internet Attorney (more credible than Kelley) who you should have on your show.

 Bennet Kelley, took on a case from a wealthy adoption provider in NC by the name of Hopscotch Adoptions (Robin Sizemore)  there was issues in Armenia of this person paying off orphanages, and other unethical issues that got her fired from her previous employer.  She then opened her own adoption agency.

Hopscotch Adoptions has reported revenue of $1.3 million since 2006 when she opened her Agency.  I don’t think I have to explain to you about the controversy around International Adoptions and their subsequent decline of over 62% over the last 5 years largely due to fraud, human trafficking, etc.,

 This agency had been exposed many times before, (Radio Free America, Brandeis University on irregularities on Armenian Adoptions)  Ms. Sizemore believes that money can move anything or stop anything including truth. 

 Mr. Kelley took on Robin Sizemore’s ridiculous case against me and filed a complaint in Federal Court that was so inaccurate it had to be amended.  His sole purpose was to harrass my family and myself.  To the point he had the process servers go to my parents home and Kelley even listed my 81 year old parents as “witnesses” on the interogatories.  He labels me as a “serial cyber stalker” and intimdates average citizens with his law degree.  Kelley is frustrated that his odd behavior doesn’t intimidate me.  Kelley is so low he has attacked my ethnic group by referring to us as “Armenian Mafia” WTF? 

 Mr. Kelley could not harm me financially because my insurance company paid for my defense and ultimately the case was dropped in mediation after a very telling mediation report was filed that proved his client was nothing but a liar.  Purchasing the right to stop the truth and freedom of speech is unethical.

You should have looked before you leaped, Mr. Kelley is bad news – and a sore loser.  Kelley keeps speaking about all of this congressional laws and regulations he has filed yet there is no “specifics”  Where are these “so-called” laws he speaks of initiating? 

 Kelley has resorted to personal attacks and trying to portray his partial reimbursement for his client (she spent excess of $100K on legal fees) as some sort of “significant victory” —there was no judgment and will never be against freedom of speech and truth.


What do you think of an attorney that steals the Federal Court seal, steals a private citizen’s photo from Facebook and creates a web site like this?

Do you support this kind of unethical behavior?  Did you know that Bennet Kelley has cyber squatted on attorney Dan Balsam’s web site?


 Wow unethical clients always find unethical attorneys.  (for the right price)