Vanessa Kachadurian stalked by Bennet Kelley

Bennet Kelley the self professed “internet attorney” has not only stolen the Federal Court Seal (he was admonished for this by Judge Austin) he stole Vanessa Kachadurian’s photo off of facebook and created a web site that slandered and defamed Vanessa Kachadurian.

Bennet Kelley has been in trouble before for cybersquatting attorney Dan Balsam’s web site and was ordered to remove his slanderous blog on former President George W. Bush ( check out Bennet’s blog, there is a great photo of him in a Donkey suit. (How appropriate)
Someone should teach this lawyer some professional legal ethics and to not abuse “officer of the court” to try and intimidate the truth.
Bennet knows the truth, he was wise to advise his client to abandon and withdraw the case. It would never have made it to summary judgment and the poor man would have been laughed out of Fresno Federal Court.


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