Bennet Kelley promoting himself on the Bryan Whatley paranormal radio show

Bennet Kelley in his Donkey suit, "the fighting Dem" aka "The fighting Donkey"

 Bennet Kelley the self-promoting “Internet Attorney” on the paranormal Bryan Whatley radio show.

Copy of e mail to Mr. Whatley on the “real” Bennet Kelley.  Half Donkey, Half Liar, 1 part Comedian.    

Mr. Whatley;

I am shocked that you would bring on Bennet Kelley to your show and allow him to promote himself as some sort of “Internet Attorney”  

As you can see from my attached photo I am very good friends with the #1 criminal attorney in the USA Mr. Mark Geragos.  I also know Mr. Timothy Walton an Internet Attorney (more credible than Kelley) who you should have on your show.

 Bennet Kelley, took on a case from a wealthy adoption provider in NC by the name of Hopscotch Adoptions (Robin Sizemore)  there was issues in Armenia of this person paying off orphanages, and other unethical issues that got her fired from her previous employer.  She then opened her own adoption agency.

Hopscotch Adoptions has reported revenue of $1.3 million since 2006 when she opened her Agency.  I don’t think I have to explain to you about the controversy around International Adoptions and their subsequent decline of over 62% over the last 5 years largely due to fraud, human trafficking, etc.,

 This agency had been exposed many times before, (Radio Free America, Brandeis University on irregularities on Armenian Adoptions)  Ms. Sizemore believes that money can move anything or stop anything including truth. 

 Mr. Kelley took on Robin Sizemore’s ridiculous case against me and filed a complaint in Federal Court that was so inaccurate it had to be amended.  His sole purpose was to harrass my family and myself.  To the point he had the process servers go to my parents home and Kelley even listed my 81 year old parents as “witnesses” on the interogatories.  He labels me as a “serial cyber stalker” and intimdates average citizens with his law degree.  Kelley is frustrated that his odd behavior doesn’t intimidate me.  Kelley is so low he has attacked my ethnic group by referring to us as “Armenian Mafia” WTF? 

 Mr. Kelley could not harm me financially because my insurance company paid for my defense and ultimately the case was dropped in mediation after a very telling mediation report was filed that proved his client was nothing but a liar.  Purchasing the right to stop the truth and freedom of speech is unethical.

You should have looked before you leaped, Mr. Kelley is bad news – and a sore loser.  Kelley keeps speaking about all of this congressional laws and regulations he has filed yet there is no “specifics”  Where are these “so-called” laws he speaks of initiating? 

 Kelley has resorted to personal attacks and trying to portray his partial reimbursement for his client (she spent excess of $100K on legal fees) as some sort of “significant victory” —there was no judgment and will never be against freedom of speech and truth. 

What do you think of an attorney that steals the Federal Court seal, steals a private citizen’s photo from Facebook and creates a web site like this?

Do you support this kind of unethical behavior?  Did you know that Bennet Kelley has cyber squatted on attorney Dan Balsam’s web site?

 Wow unethical clients always find unethical attorneys.  (for the right price)


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