Vanessa Kachadurian, Bennet Kelley wants to be a celebrity?

Mr. Kelley has hired an agent by the name of Jacquie Jordan and once again is citing a “significant victory” against a “serial cyber defamer” as his badge of honor to validate some sort of sick dellusion of fame.
Bennet Kelley you ain’t no Mark Geragos or Robert Shapiro. I have met both of these gentlemen and they are sharp as a tack never having to resort to school ground antics and name calling.
They have not cyber squatted or claimed a victory when there was none. Bennet Kelley, you have no judgment, this case didn’t make it to summary judgment. Stop trying to be famous at the expense of Vanessa Kachadurian and your baby selling client.
I always knew he wanted to be a celebrity but folks it is official, he has a couple of agents. Who by the way have been enlighted about the truth surrounding this case and his terrible actions.
Shame on you Bennet, your dear Uncle that you were named after – the late great Reverend Bennet Kelley would be ashamed of your Bennet Kelley Lies.
Why you are at it, can you share the specifics about why you were ordered to take down or the specifics of the legislation you are introducing to stop cyber harassment? liar liar pants on fire.

Read more about our wild child of the Internet, Bennet Jack Ass Kelley

Somehow I think Kelley is enjoying all of this attention he is getting.  This is what happens when you are the youngest child in a litter of 7 kids.   Trying to become a celebrity of some sort – based on your own promotion is quite comical.  Alas, we remain open to freedom of speech, Kelley is free to make himself look like a fool at the expense of his Client.


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