American Cyber Report reflects on win against Bennet the Prick of Providence

Listen to the Bull Shit of the Prick of Providence

(We took the photo of this dreadful book down as Mr. Kelley claimed it was a photo of his late uncle)  While we are not afraid of Mr. Kelley’s intimidation tactics we don’t want to stoop to his level.  Mr. Bennet Kelley made remarks about “Armenian Mafia” and harassed members of my family to a point where we had to file a police report.  We have plenty we could file against Mr. Kelley but we will take the high road.  Besides why would I want to spend a dime on him?  and get no where in the court systems like he did?Once again, Mr. Bennet Gerard Kelley believes he and ONLY he has the right to speak about others or put his silly labels on others.  Well it’s election year folks, Bennet will be plenty busy bashing the RepublicansWins:

*Notice of Default – Set Aside
*15 months of representing as Pro Se and presenting over 5 motions
*Including your ‘fraud upon the court’ and improper service at another dwelling other than my own.
*Spending $0.00 on this joke of a case, getting insurance company to squash your case with a no liability agreement.
*Managing to expose Bennet for what he is:
 *A lying celebrity seeking Attorney, who harassed my family when he couldn’t get his way.
*This resulted in  California Bar Complaint (s)
*And a Police Report for harassment against Bennet which is currently on file.
*Stopped Kelley from video taping a joke of a deposition.

*Got Robin to admit that she doesn’t speak Armenian and has no clout in Armenia.  Merely markets heavily and pushes paperwork through facilitator Eduard Amalyan.

*Got Robin to admit she never lost a dime, but actually made money.  Robin and Bennet previously lied to the court by having Rhonda Russell, Hopscotch Adoptions Accountant sign some FAKE paperwork that Bennet contrived showing that Robin had lost money when in fact her business grew to just over $1.3 million in 4 years. (wow Bennet was surprised and wanted some of that money

*Got Robin to walk away with no judgment, no award, no admission of guilt and no removal of ‘so-called defamation on the Internet’
*Robin is now spending her time paying Bennet Kelley to clean up her image.
Too bad Bennet cannot clean up the truth about Robin.

*P.S. Got Bennet’s Bullshit charges dismissed as a ‘volunteer dismissal’ with a not-guilty plea..
*No charges in Los Angeles or San Francisco, only egg on the face for Bennet for being such a story teller.
*No gag order. I can say, Robin Sizemore is a liar and baby seller who is making lots of money off of non-   Hague adoption countries like: Ghana, Morocco (where parents shamelessly convert to Islam) and re hashing the Bulgarian program which closed a few years back due to fraud.

All of this without the expensive law degree that Bennet Kelley has. 

Yep, I would say I did dam good and this is what frustrates Bennet so much, poor Robin has no Armenian friends in the government of Armenia. 

Proved that Bennet  is small potatoes (Irish potatoe head) and always will be.  

Robin got no further and had to pay $100K, waste 20 months of her life only to not have a judgment, removal of so-called postings or an apology.   Robin attacked me and my family first, and is not the sweet child savior that she and Bennet would like you to believe. 

Bennet has talked to many Armenians in Los Angeles and he knows the fraud that is involved with Armenian Adoptions.  Too bad Robin doesn’t have many west coast clients that are connected to their fatherland and culture. 

*Successfully got Bennet Kelley to reveal the names of these “so-called” prospective parents that stopped their contract with Hopscotch Adoptions.  Revealed to everyone that these prospective clients that ceased their contract did so for other reasons beside Vanessa Kachadurian but more so for poor business practices of Hopscotch Adoptions.

Won a victory for Armenians that Freedom of Speech and our civil liberties will not be squashed by a self-proclaimed “Internet Attorney” that thinks he knows everything about everyone but knows nothing except his client’s money.  I also proved that average citizens cannot be bullied, manipulated, threatened by a 2 bit Irish Potatoe Head Attorney. 

Don’t ever let an Attorney intimidate you, they are nothing but liars who twist the laws to suit their clients.  They have no allegiance or loyalty to anyone accept themselves and their non-existent celebrity status.



One thought on “American Cyber Report reflects on win against Bennet the Prick of Providence

  1. We get it, we get it. The reason Bennet Kelley has to resort to personal attacks on me is that he lost. I have already won the battle for it is Bennet Kelley that has sunk to these personal character attacks. Meanwhile, I am enjoying the e mails and phone calls from other people watching and amused at this case. Thank you for your congratulations on me defending myself against the Low Life Lying Liberal. We all can put “labels” on people and we are having so much fun watching Bennet Kelley have a melt down on the Internet. His legislation is true, he has presented some suggestions but who in California cares about a self-promoting Attorney who attacks private citizens who are only exercising their freedom of speech and civil liberties. Bennet can manipulate the law and file whatever fake crap he wants to about me, my friends or my community. But each time he does he slips further and further down.

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