Bennet Kelley police report, Gosh it must suck to be a loser!!!

Here is the truth folks!!!!

We had to file a police report 1 year before Bennet Kelley created a drama about me to the police because he was losing his pitiful case. Bennet Kelley is posting an “event” on me. Please note that this was all dropped and the San Francisco Police apologized and congratulated me for defending myself against a slimey Attorney.

 Secondly, Mr. Kelley is also posting what he is calling a “restraining order” but this is actually a “protective order” which protects me as much as it does any opportunity for Kelley to file more false claims.

 Mr. Kelley your case was lost (once again) the DA filed a volunteer dismissal because of my great reputation and friendships I have. Incidently, part of your file was missing (I wonder how that happened?)

 You still lose no matter what, you can post all of the fake drama you create but it’s all over. The truth about you and your sleeze client is even more apparent, hiring a 2 bit lawyer that will lie, cheat and steal to try and make a case where there isn’t one has backfired.

 Abuse of power and your law degree is a serious serious issue. The truth will be known by everyone. So you better siphone more money from your baby selling client, poor guy just cannot get a judgment so you have to creat drama to try and hurt me, defame me and humiliate me. Too bad it doesn’t work.

No judgment, no apology, and above all none of these things that were apparently written about your dellusional client were removed. Could it be because they were truthful. You will never be forgiven for harassing my family and having the process server make an improper service on my 81 year old parents. You had the process server go to their home on January 6, 2010 on Armenian Christmas and put the summons into the hands of a woman with dementia.

 Nice going! You are not winning any cases or popularity contests. Mr. Kelley is misleading about his case against me, ask where the judgment is. Ask why he abandoned and withdrew the case BEFORE the scheduled trial, BEFORE a summary judgment was even issued. WHY? because Bennet knows he is a lousy attorney and would have lost in Fresno, California where we would have embarassed him further.


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