American Cyber Report on Bennet Kelley and the Gulen Goosenetwork


Here is a screen shot of Bennet Kelley’s twit to the Goosenetwork aka the Gulen Movement Cult that has been exposed by many Americans. This group is gladly helping Bennet to harm Armenians, concerned Americans, Teachers, etc., Basically they attack anyone who exposes their cult activities in the USA and abroad/Turkey. Bennet Kelley is sadly mistaken if he thinks he can harm private citizens by using a cult terrorist organization that is currently under investigation by the FBI with 5 Federal Investigations. Keep up the good work Bennet, trying to get others to fight your battles. I am sure Armenians will love you and Robin more with the way you cajole and manipulate a Turkish Group to perform your dirty tricks.  Maybe Bennet is part of the Gulen Movement’s tools of the trade?


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