Robin Sizemore American Cyber Report

One of the many articles written about Robin Sizemore, Hopscotch Adoptions and Armenian Adoption corruption.  So why did Robin Sizemore use a hired gun Bennet Kelley to silence her critics?  Many people think that the flimsy complaint that Robin Sizemore filed against Vanessa Kachadurian was her way of putting a message out to her critics.   Other arcticles can be found on credible news sources like: Ethica, PEAR, Radio Free Europe and Brandeis University on Armenian Adoption Regularities.  No wonder Robin Sizemore cut and ran before her court date and before summary judgment.

Excerpts of this article from Radio Free Europe:

Shadowy Middlemen

It will decide in the coming months whether it will be necessary to amend Armenia’s Family Code, which would require parliamentary approval, or to simply change existing procedures, which could be enacted by the government without legislative action.

Under the existing rules, the Armenian Ministry of Labor and Social Issues draws up and keeps a national registry of children available for domestic and foreign adoption.

The list is supposed to be accessible to all prospective adoptive parents. But in practice, even government agencies say they have trouble accessing

Specifically, the report cited a sample contract signed by one U.S. agency, Hopscotch Adoptions, based in High Point, North Carolina, which assists Americans wishing to adopt Armenian and Georgian children.

The contract, offered to a potential client in the United States in 2007, explained that almost $5,000 of more than $30,000 charged by Hopscotch for every adoption would be spent on “gifts to foreign service providers and government functionaries performing ministerial tasks as an offer of thanks for prompt service.”

It claimed that such gifts are common in Armenia and Georgia and do not violate U.S. law.


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