Hopscotch Adoptions paid $99,087 for legal fees

This is Hopscotch Adoptions 2010, 990 IRS Tax Returns. Please note this is page 10, and line 11b states “legal fees” which are listed at $99,087.00 for 2010. Let us remind you that Ms. Sizemore filed her Complaint in December 2009, and it ended in October 2011. So the estimation from a legal expert analyst friend is that Robin Sizemore paid over $150K in legal fees.
This is very suspect that an Adoption Agency who claims in court documents to have had a loss could afford over $100K for the fees of the bogus “Internet Attorney” who is nothing more than a fantasy writer and would be a.m. radio show jock (all services he provides for free just to keep his face front and center)

The other odd thing is the “fraud upon the court” – Hopscotch Adoption’s accountant Rhonda Russell signed documents and pie charts created by Low Life Lying Liberal Lawyer Bennet Kelley attesting to the shrinkage in Hopscotch Adoptions Revenue. When in fact the tax returns for 2007-2010 show a total of $1.3+ million in revenue and that Ms. Sizemore not only grew her business year after year, but blew the doors off of her competition.

This can be verified for free at http://www.guidestar.com and only requires a short registration. Conversely, Mr. Kelley withheld the names of the “so-called” Hopscotch Clients that aborted their contract because of information that Vanessa Kachadurian was to have misrepresented about Hopscotch Adoptions and Armenian Adoptions in particular.
When the names were revealed, a third party interviewed the families to only find this was untrue and the “would-be” clients ceased their contracts because of:
a. Communication business practices from Hopscotch Adoptions
b. Lack of personal or emotional committment to Armenia and waiting the long and uncertain timeframes which seemed to change.
c. 1 party didn’t even have a contract signed with Hopscotch Adoptions and therefore was not 100% committed to Hopscotch or Adoption
d. All the parties stated they never heard of Vanessa Kachadurian nor had they read anything slanderous, negative etc., about Hopscotch Adoptions

Mr. Bennet Kelley should have fact checked his client’s assertations better. Instead of counting all of that money he made in legal fees/ billable hours for over 20 months.
Mr. Kelley was more interested in fantasy writing and trying to be a “celebrity” at the expense of his Client and the Defendant. In the end, Robin and Her Attorney cut and run after getting a mere $85K from Vanessa Kachadurian’s insurance company. No liability implied to Ms. Kachadurian, no judgment, no gag order, no apology and nothing removed from the Internet. Freedom of Speech and Truth remains.
Vanessa Kachadurian legal fees $00.00                  Hopscotch Adoptions  legal fees $99,087 for 2010  estimated total tab $150,000
The fact is Bennet Kelley couldn’t win this case so he has resorted to character attacks on Vanessa Kachadurian to learn more go to American Cyber Report.




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