Hopscotch Adoptions and their association with Gulen Turkish organization


Above is a screen shot of Hopscotch Adoptions and her “friends” which is The Goosehunter aka a Gulen follower of the controversial Gulen Movement.  This is a group based out of Turkey which followers an Imam Fethullah Muhammed Gulen.  The Gulen Movement operates over 100 charter schools in the USA and is under investigation by the Federal Government. 

The “Goosehunter” aka IT Guy from a Gulen managed charger school, was fed incorrect information about Vanessa Kachadurian and subsequently started posting defaming remarks about Vanessa Kachadurian who is only 1 of many people in the USA that is concerned about this group.  There are many people who are concerned about the Gulen Movement including my Turkish American friends.

Why would Robin Sizemore who professes to be a friend of the Armenians by helping to adopt out their children, align herself with a dangerous group like the Gulen Movement?  It appears that Robin, Hopscotch Adoptions and their shadowy “Internet Attorney” hate Vanessa Kachadurian so much they are willing to manipulate a hate group like the Gulen Movement to write disparaging comments about Vanessa.

Lastly, this is a sign that Robin Sizemore and her Attorney know no limits to their ethics and credibility.  For Robin to cajole with the enemy of the Armenians, Kurds and other groups is not saying much for Robin’s sincerity and truthfulness.

Lets make Bennet Kelley famous so he can milk his client for more money


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