Bennet Kelley Cyber Harassment is costing him paying jobs.

Bennet Kelley has been harassing me for over 5 years, it started with him stealing the federal court seal (a favorite past time of Bennet Kelley’s is stealing official seals to appear he has credibility)  Bennet created a website about me and started harassing members of my family by having process servers illegal serve paperwork where I don’t reside.  Additionally, he started to join online facebook sites that I was member of that normally wouldn’t wouldn’t interest Bennet Kelley.  Sites like “Armenian Valley TV” (Yes Bennet we did a huge documentary on human trafficking in Armenia) and Central Valley Events.  This resulted in Bennet Kelley being admonished by the judge (although he continues to steal official seals) losing a position on the City Planning of Santa Monica, CA that the City Manager after reviewing Bennet Kelley’s un Orthodox unprofessional and unethical behavior, not to mention he isn’t from California.  Bennet Kelley is too controversial and disliked, he tried unsuccessfully to get into my head but instead I guess I am in his head because he dreams about me all the time.


Bennet Kelley when admonished for this blog claimed he only stole the federal court seal to use it as a “mosaic” WTF?


Bennet Kelley has a gadzillon Facebook pages, e mails, online personas, and twitter pages, Here on a copy of one of his timelines you can see where Bennet not only “likes” his own pages, but likes Valley Armenian TV and Central Valley Vine.


Bennet Kelley has over exposed himself as the jack of all things internet, overexposing himself with his online marketing and advertising.  Bennet Kelley makes a lot of claims that he was responsible for this or that but if you look at most of his written material it is copied, or stolen from others.  Most of his online free writing stints are about the same thing, Bennet Kelley’s opinion about politicians or people in the news.  Always about people that Bennet wished he could be but never will be.  Bennet dreams of being a visionary like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates but it will never happen, especially with all the controversy at Value Click, E Babylon, Rexxfield, and more.  I found out about his reputation from other Internet Attorneys and others considering hiring Bennet Kelley for start ups.  Bennet Claims to know about Copyrights, Cyber Law, and online Marketing.  Jack of all trades and master of nothing.  Bennet Kelley doesn’t own a huge law firm it’s a one man operation with 2 staff members he uses on a “as needed basis” he rents space in a HUGE office.  Bennet Kelley doesn’t even own a home, but rents a crappy apartment.  Was driving a beat up older Mercedes that his mechanic said is a piece of garbage.



Bennet Kelley what is Cyberlaw primer for California policymakers?  Is that like “I used it as a Mosaic” LMAO.


Yet his other blog about me, states “contact me if you have had problems with Vanessa Kachadurian”  if any of you believe you have been ripped off by Bennet Kelley, by some fantasy wish about “SILCON BEACH” please contact the District Attorney for Los Angeles County wants to know about Bennet Kelley’s Fraud Protocol.   Lets put Bennet out of business in California and send him packing back to Rhode Island.


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