Bennet Kelley Fraud Protocol – Complaint Board



Bennet Kelley has evidently pissed off the wrong person, this one posted Bennet’s screw ups while working at Value Click, and these poor start ups that never materialized because Bennet got his hands on them and screwed them up.  There is no Silcon Beach and never will be, poor Bennet Kelley he is a sore loser and has to resort to cyber harassment online like a common troll.  Bennet Kelley claims to be against the very thing that he has done for over 10 years. Bennet Kelley these were not posted by who you think but it pleases me that you have a ton of enemies in the legal field and out. You reap what you sow, when you represent human traffickers you get what you deserve. Bennet Kelley is guilty of over exposing himself, there is a ton of successful Internet Attorneys. Poor Bennet 


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