Why is Bennet Kelley always on RipOff Report, Complaint Board, or Pissed off Consumers? READ Here

American Cyber Report

  • Bennet Kelley fleeced over $109,000 in legal fees from his human trafficker client in 2011, in 2010 the amount was over $99,000. It amounts to approximately $209,000+ in Total legal fees that Mr. Kelley fleeced out of the human trafficker client over the course of 2.6 years where he harassed the defendant, stole her photo and federal court seal, and many other unethical unprofessional methods Bennet Kelley pulls from up his sleeve. 
  • The 990 Tax returns for Hopscotch Adoptions are online and available at American Cyber Report. As well as the very telling Mediation Report that led to his client withdrawing her claim and cutting and running with a mere $80,000 from the insurance carrier. If my math serves me correctly $80,000 is a far car short of 6 figures.
  • Furthermore, the case never made it to summary judgment, no removal of remarks no anything. Ladies and Gentlement (trolls…

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